Sunday, December 18, 2005

Parental Joy

This morning I was sitting in the choir room before the church service. We were running though a couple of songs to warm up and do some last minute fine-tuning. Since I have been sick (bronchitis, laryngitis) I have not been able to practice. Even in this warm up I was not singing, I had to save all of my voice for the service. I was sitting observing and the song that was being sung was absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous harmonies, a simple but haunting melody...and as I listened I suddenly realized that not only was my husband in choir with me, so were two of my children. And they were contributing to this lovely song with joy and grace, tenderness and passion. Their voices were instruments lifting praise and adoration to their God. And I had to catch my breath and blink away a tear. I was so very, very proud to be their mom, and to have the privilege of participating in this act of worship and celebration with them. They have beautiful voices, and they were using them for God, and though I can't truly find the words to describe it, it was a very touching, special moment. A God moment. A sweet reminder of the joy our Father must take in us when we willingly and joyfully participate with him in his plan for all creation, when we celebrate his love, and when we spend time in his presence. I am truly blessed.


Kelly said...

Wow, that's really wonderful, Karen! I love those times when we step back and see our kids for the people they are. I know that wasn't your point exactly, but... Yesterday, all on their own, Jesse and Torie drove over to a church they've never been to before, on a whim. They loved it. I don't love church (at all) but it was good for me to see that they WILL find God, have already found him, in fact - and that I don't need to try to manipulate that aspect of their lives. God has them in his hands. It's a good feeling. xo

Christine said...

That's such a good feeling to get to experience, Karen! My babies go to church services and Sunday School, being more traditional in their calling than their mother is now; but I grew up doing just what they're doing, now.

I'm very glad of it, kids need to continue to learn the basics so they can build a strong foundation on them.

When I had bad bronchitis, I took Robitussin pills, and extra Vitamin C, and it worked. I felt all-better in a few days, instead of a few months.