Saturday, August 20, 2005

Where is a good man when you need one?

I swear I'm never letting my hubby go out of town again......
As long as he is here we're good. When he's gone...... See, we now have 4 cars. Unfortunately it's a necessity due to scheduling, school, work etc. Chris works in Aurora, Kim works in Franklin Park, Carissa is in highschool, but very involved, Kelsey is going to College of Dupage, and I have to work too. So we got a new car and that brought us up to 4 functioning and fairly reliable vehicles.
Kim leaves last week for a canoe trip to the boundary waters. I'm jealous of the time he gets to spend with his friends away from here, but not of the location. ;) Anyway, he's only been gone a couple days when the van dies. We're ok - he's gone, so 3 cars work fine. But as soon as he gets home on Thursday (18th) he turns around and leaves Friday am for Ohio with 3 buddies to go to several baseball games. And he was supposed to take the van. Nope, he has to rent a car, and the van is still sitting in our driveway.
So Chris comes home last night (19th) with his sad tale; a stupid driver in the left lane decided he needed to turn right (on 59 by Fox Valley Mall) and so he just stopped dead in the left lane and Chris hit him. The stupid driver and his SUV had no damage so he talks to Chris and says forget it, no big deal, I gotta go and leaves. No information exchanged at all. Chris comes home and begins to see there is a lot more damage than he thought to his car, but now there is no recourse. Chris's car is now held together with duct tape and a prayer. And common sense did prevail and he did call the police and together they decided all things considered he didn't need to file an accident report. Our insurance wouldn't have paid anyway, the car is old and we took collision off the insurance.
So, now we're down from 4 cars to 2 till the others get fixed. I'm afraid to go anywhere today! LOL.
And while this drama is playing out, where is Kim? At the Reds game with his buddies having a blast. Tonight they have club seats at the Indians game which is super cool, and it's actually Kim's birthday so that is even cooler. Tomorrow they are off to Detroit and the Tigers.
I really need to find some friends to go somewhere with........


Tammy said...

i often felt bad about the number of cars we had. we had 5 cars for 5 people at one point.

but then i realized that my adult children were living with me. if they lived in a apartment, i wouldn't count their cars as my own. so we were actually SAVING resources by sharing a home until they could get more established in life.

i don't think a person should count the cars of their children over age 18 who live at home.

how do you like my rationalization? ;)

gerbmom said...

Tammy - you rock :)
Somedays it really bugs me to see 4 cars in my driveway. But you make me feel better! Thanks :)

Mike Clawson said...

If you're looking to go somewhere and do something fun, we're having a birthday party for Karen Thompson tomorrow (Tuesday). We're meeting at Millenium Park downtown at 7pm and then going to the Grafton to hang out for a while. If you want to ride with us we'll probably leave between 5 and 5:30 to go pick up Karen T. Email me and let me know!