Friday, August 26, 2005

Thank goodness this week is over!

So it has been a long, hard week at work. I am so totally exhausted. Despite my best efforts I only have 10 computers assembled, up and running. The teachers just need so much hand holding right now that I'm not accomplishing much else! Hopefully next week I can get into high gear. Though I must admit there are only so many computers you can assemble at a time without losing your mind....
But "I [got] by with a little help from my friends" - dinner out Tuesday, dinner out with different friends Wednesday, and tonight was the first football game of the season, so we had a great time there. The band sounded and looked pretty darn good! And to top it off, we won! ~ 35-14!! All moral boosters and stress relievers. And tomorrow we have a wedding. More good times.
The week is over. I survived.

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