Friday, April 10, 2015

Reviewing Bowl + Spoon by Sara Forte

I just browsed through Bowl + Spoon. Interesting concept; one I thought I like better than I did. The author's premise is that people are busy, yet still want to eat good, healthy food. Her choice is food in bowls. Simplicity. Practical. Carry to the couch in your sweats and curl up with a good book easy.

The book itself is lovely, wonderful full color, full page photos. The recipes are creative, and broken into five categories: Morning Bowls, Side Bowls, Big Bowls, Sweet Bowls and Dressing and Sauces. The ingredients are pretty simple, often seasonal, with an emphasis on vegetables and greens.

Sara Forte also includes tools and ingredients to stock in the kitchen to make food prep easy.

Recipies I would like to try are Homemade Ricotta, Tropical Smoothie Bowl, Kale Caesar with Cornbread Bits, Herbed Falafel Bowl, and  Smoky Black Bean Chili. 

I wish there here had been a few more recipes that incorporated noodles and rice, and maybe some beef or chicken. but considering that this is a Sprouted Kitchen book, I understand why there is not.

If you are into tofu and quinoa, tons of greens and salads, then this would be a wonderful book for you!

For more information, here is the link.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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