Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cobwebs in the attic

I know I haven't posted much here lately. It's not for the lack of material that I am thinking about. Rather, too much and too messy and too tangled right now. I'm letting it settle and hopefully it will become a coherent post at some point. Some days you just can't get your thoughts on "paper." They just won't sort themselves out. They may flow from my fingertips, but not in any cohesive or even understandable way. Ramblings. More questions than answers. More aggravations than understandings.

Today it is raining. Usually that really bothers me. But today it suits my mood... Contemplative, melancholy, seeking answers; withdrawing into me a bit and rummaging around. I don't always like what I see.....but that is for another day too. Right now I'm just gonna sit. Sit and think about the things I am finding as I push the cobwebs aside, and throw open the windows letting the light stream in. Exposing things scattered about as well as things locked away. Years of neglect can sure provide a lot of fodder for the mind!

I may be here awhile.

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