Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Consider the lilies of the field

Sometimes I wish I didn’t own stuff. Life would be so much simpler if we didn’t have to worry about houses or cars being damaged or destroyed by storms or crashes. It would be less stressful if we didn’t have to worry about “stuff” getting ruined or stolen; if we could just live simply.

The more stuff we have the more there is to protect and worry about. And clean. And move. And store……
No matter how beautiful the storm, how exciting the trip, how wonderful the music on the I-Pod sounds, or how great we feel in a new pair of shoes….there is always that nagging worry in the far recesses of our mind that it can all be gone, ruined, stolen - and how will we ever be able to afford to replace it??? Yet we still buy and possess and insure, and are still never satisfied.
Jen ~ there really is something to be said about living simply. :)

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ness said...

have you heard a bout the 100 thing challenge?

this is obviously a hard one for she-who-sells-vintage