Friday, March 16, 2007

OH......MY...... GOODNESS

Last night we went to my daughter's choir concert. I love music. And I usually enjoy the choir concerts. But last night....oh my. It was a combined concert including two middle school choirs and the four high school choirs. I felt like I was at a sporting event. First, there weren't enough seats, which caused chaos before the concert even began. Then the first middle school choir began their pieces. A mom in front of me started waving at her child. Now mind you, we were four rows from the back - um....kinda hard for the child to see her. Could be why she waved in about six different patterns and did everything short of jumping up and down. As the evening progressed we had talkers, inappropriate clapping, cat calls, whistles, cell phones, noisy candy wrappers, crying children whose parents refused to remove them despite the distraction, and even one little kid that yelled and shrieked during a very quiet reflective song. But the one that really got me was the guy behind me SINGING!

And these were for the most part parents. No wonder our kids are so screwed up and don't respect and value anything. How will they ever learn appropriate behavior? Usually I get angry at the people that stay until their child performs and then leave. How rude is that? But last night that didn't happen. Unfortunately. OK - end of rant.

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