Thursday, January 25, 2007

Women from Church History

I found a cool website today in my wanderings.
A couple months ago I read about an idea in a book. (Sacred Pathways) It suggested the concept of worship by going beyond the traditional holidays and remembrances of the church to learning about the saints and other historical figures and their lives. The examples of Pascal's experience on November 24th 1664, or Bonhoeffer's martyrdom on April 23, 1945 are examples. They are things we know nothing about as average Christians. I love history, so it kind of appealed to me more than I'm sure it would to other people. So today, in my down time during testing I did some researching on saints, feast days, historical christian figures and the like. As I wandered, I found this website: Women from Church History.
So, now I am intrigued and ready to learn something new....and this seems like a good place to start.....

edit: I also like this site - What happened this day in Church History?

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