Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Propping my eyelids open with my thumbs....

So - it's PROBE testing week here at my school. Sounds pretty painful - it's actually just reading skills tests. I have to sit at a computer all day and enter scores. I could enter them all in about 2 hours if I did it all at once, but no, I have to sit here all day and enter them in dribs and drabs. Lots of down time. Pretty boring.
So, I decided to use the time to learn something new. Yesterday I learned about the crusades. Well, more about the crusades, I knew the basics. And about the castles and strongholds built at that time. And also, about the Council(s) of Nicaea. Interesting. Obviously I was a little ADD and not able to stick with one topic for very long. Today I'm researching pantry basics and spices. I have to reorganize and restock at home. Actually, it would be great if I could just pitch it all and start over. Monetarily - not so good. And I can't throw stuff out anyway. I feel like I'm wasting it. What - 5 year old spices? LOL.
Now I'm tired of that and need something else to contemplate or research. Hmmm. Nothing's suggesting itself.
Guess I can catch up on blogs - maybe something will interest me there.
Or just go enter more data. :(

OK - I surfed. But, what the heck? Check it out....
Christian "Idol"

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