Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wii, Wii, Wii.......

Wanna laugh until it hurts? Try the new Wii. My son got one, and believe me, we were about to wee over the wii. Just trying to get the hang of it is hilarious. And everyone looks pretty stupid. But, wow, is it cool!
All I can say is, it's the first thing we've done in a while where everyone in the family was involved and laughing.....
Oh - and another thing, no more couch potato gamers....:) Too fun.


Matt Cav said...

my partner at work, here, is always talking about that thing. sounds way cooler than my sega.

klasieprof said...

Hey Gerbermom!...I stood in line with my son (just turned 13) at our local Wal-Mart. They were not going to release it until 7 a.m. I took electric blanket, small portable heater, and all that stuff to be comfy. I was the only Adult there.
I spoke to the manager's about 8 p.m., and said that I was the only adult out there, and they might want to think about providing security all night.
ANYWAY....They released it at midnight. We were number 6 and 7. I don't know what to do with the extra one.
We got home, hooked it up, and Then tried to do an all nighter, but I made him go to bed at 3:30. His friend came at 5 a.m....but he continued to sleep.
WHAT A BLAST!! I love the Picture portion, where you can put you SD card from your digital cam in, and play with all the photos.
GOLF, BOWLING...WOw!!! ITs a BLAST. We took it over to my brother's house, and FINALLY we had a great time.
I love this thing!! He saved all the money from his bday, he's been doing odd jobs etc.
Best BEST 250 bucks I've seen spent in a LONG LONG time.
Donna krisscop@blogspot.com
This is what I wrote on my blog
Wii wii Wii all the way home.
For those not in the know...that's the new Nintendo Gaming system. William had been saving money for months (the system is 250)..he saved his bday money...worked jobs for mom etc. This new system..is very "virtual Reality"....we got an extra Wand, so two can play. They were not to release it until 7 tomorrow morning, so we were in for the long haul. I took a small heater, electric blanket etc. I dropped William off at 6, and then went to Lori's for dinner ..
How can you say NO to a kid ...when you really think..well gees, We are going to NEED that money to LIVE!!....Anyway...There was a line forming at Wal-mart. This after William called about 10 stores to get their gory details of "release dates". I got a call from him about 8:30 (his friend and mom and dad waited with him for a while so he was not left there alone)....that they were going to re open at midnight. HALELUJAH. I get the "credit" for being a mom that WOULD spend the night ..with out having too. I'm still pretty fragile, and really did not cherish the idea. However..I was certainly able to stay VERY warm with our equipment.
So...we just played golf, bowling and uploaded pics from the camara. It is SOOO cool.

and...I guess I'm cool, cause now William is calling me "gamermom". I like that handle.