Saturday, August 18, 2007

Finally! Vermont :)

So - a week ago we were in Massachusettes dropping Carissa off at Gordon College. Let me first say I wouldn't recommend driving 2500 miles in 4.5 days. Ever. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So, we rented a Kia Sedona and loaded it up. If her other two room mates bring that much stuff I have no clue where they will put it all....
We had to store her stuff for the 12 days she is on La Vida. Fortunately we could do that in a designated area on campus.

Then we headed home. By way of VERMONT! Not exactly on the way home, but it was the only state left of the continental United States that I had not been in, tho I have been around it many times. So we took a detour and did a short road trip.
We ate at the Blue Benn Diner in Bennington,
as well as visited some covered bridges and a monument. Nothing fancy, but good food and beautiful scenery......
Anyway, we are back home, very tired - still. And we leave again Thursday for MA - flying this time - for parent/student orientation and to move Carissa into her room.
BTW, I just checked the weather for the area of the Adirondacks she is in, and it is supposed to be in the lower 30's the next couple nights.....

A day after we returned home Jen left for Rio. So we lost 2 kids in less than a week. :( Before she left we took her to The Irish Oak which is in Wrigleyville a block from Wrigley Field.

Carissa and Jen, we miss you!

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Jen said...

I feel loved by this post! Thanks. About that book Into the Wild, I think Kim would really like it. I may send it and some other books back early and am considering asking for some others in return. Still thinking on that but more likely then not in about a month you will have into the wild in your possession to do with as you like. How are things? miss you!