Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Growing pains

Tugs of independence. They make me sorta sad. Especially from the child who has always wanted to be with me, by my side - especially in unknown or uncomfortable situations. From the child who always asked me to go on field trips, class trips and chaperone parties, even as other kids would rather die than have their mom there. I always thought I would enjoy the day when I didn't have two more arms attached to me. And it's not that she suddenly doesn't want me there - no that's not the case. It's the little stirrings of "I've got it", "I know what I'm doing", "it's under control", "mom, chill." Subtle things here and there, but so quick to pierce the heart. It's the never knowing what the mood is that is disconcerting - one minute they want to be grown up, and the next, they want to lie on your shoulder. Hold your hand. Growing pains. Who knew they would be as hard on me as they are on her?

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