Thursday, May 11, 2006

I feel like a cartoon character....

....running and running and running, legs circling furiously yet never accomplishing anything, or getting anywhere. May has been so incredibly busy. No time to even take a breath, much less sit down and actually blog! Meetings, classes, family obligations and nites out with friends. Plus it's almost the end of the school year, so that makes my job crazy as well and makes life around the house chaotic with two kids doing research papers and getting ready for finals. As well as SAT's and ACT's.
Tonight the Spring Musical starts - they are doing The Sound of Music this year. My darling daughter is a NUN. Yes, a nun. You should see her in her habit. Too cute. But certainly not in line with her character. At All.
Uh - Oh, she just came home and said there is a mysterious power outage in the school auditorium, and they are working furiously to fix it, but we're not sure the show can go on tonight. And wouldn't ya know, my tickets are for tonight cuz I'm busy the next two nights? Sure hope Com Ed gets it figured out in time.
And I missed a full day of work yesterday with some bug that made me lose my voice. I hate it, and the kids love it. Go figure. Slept all day yesterday with the puppies on the bed with me. And they weren't even fighting. They must have known I'd kill 'em.
And of course, now in the midst of all this craziness one of the cars breaks down and were are fighting over cars. Bah.
At least I know June is coming. Hopefully summer will be sane this year and relaxing. I wanna read, and watch movies, go to plays and parks and spend time with friends. Take a break from "Have tos" and deadlines. Enjoy our new church. Find service opportunities. Visit with family. Paint our bedroom. Plant a garden. Take a road trip. And slow down. For once I wanna be the tortoise, not the hare....

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Christine said...

I'm sorry to hear you were sick and all in a hurry. That sucks.